200%Increase in Engagements Since Last Year
85%International Clients
10+Different Industry Sectors

Our firm is very proud to see its clientele grow fast and this is the best testament of our high-quality legal services and professionalism. Our clientele varies from owners of start-ups, SMEs and family run businesses to high growth companies and large corporations operating in a broad range of industries. Hereunder you may find an indicative list of our latest engagements:

    • Appointed by a FTSE 250 technology company to represent and support them in the Cyprus aspect of their EU M&A master plan. Our firm has successfully partnered with 5 EU elite law firms which are part of our “Global Friends Network” and supported the group in one of its most critical business milestones.

    • We have advised the FinTech unicorn, Amber Group, in connection with a range of EU law and regulatory matters and have established an on-going cooperation with them for legal services.

    • Supported a Forbes-listed blockchain start-up with a variety of EU law matters relevant to their USD80million series B funding round.

    • Supported a Cyprus commercial banking institution and a large pension fund in reaching an agreement in connection with a Tier 2 Subordinated Bond issued by the bank.

    • Appointed as the sole Cyprus based legal advisor of one of the largest fintech companies in the world having a “tech-unicorn” status with valuation of more than $1.3billion. Our firm is providing, on an on-going basis, legal support on all Cyprus legal, regulatory and compliance issues to the group’s Cyprus regulated entities and coordinates the establishment of presence in other EU jurisdictions.

    • Advised the largest group of companies in the Hotel Industries of both Cyprus and Greece during its Euro 160m Refinancing with a Cyprus commercial bank.

    • Appointed as the main legal advisors of a consortium exploring the development of a EUR200m+ Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP) being one of the very few preliminary licenced in the Country. Our firm has performed a pre-transactional due diligence and as a result of the red flags identified therein the consortium decided to step-out of the said investment opportunity.

    • Supported one of the top 3 EU education groups during the negotiations as well as the deal screening phase of two of the largest potential acquisitions in the education sectors of both Cyprus and Greece.

    • Appointed to act as the outsourced legal advisors of two regulated Luxembourg domiciled special opportunity funds which have been set up to acquire assets in Cyprus and Greece that have been underserved as a result of financial distress of the original borrowers. On behalf of the said clients, we have developed a complex corporate structure – with several Cyprus based SPVs – that will be used for the funds’ next real estate local multi-million Euro project.

    • Multimillion worth shipping company, Seaven Tanker Management, having a prominent market role in the petroleum and cement transportation industry have appointed our firm as their exclusive digital law advisors. 

    • A Cyprus Alternative Investment Fund has outsourced its commercial and corporate legal issues to our Cyprus office. Our firm has very recently supported the client in a large IP related pan-European project relevant to the entertainment industry. 

    • A high-profile gaming company as well as a cloud gaming and streaming solutions company operating under the same professional umbrella have appointed us as their Cyprus based legal advisors for (i) a cross-border merger involving a Cyprus based entity of the group; (ii) the provision of legal advice on data protection and IP related to their latest under development game; and (iii) the review of industry specific commercial contracts with third parties.

    • Acted as the EU legal advisors of an international organisation being market-leaders in the NFTs industry during their expansion in Europe (actively participating in the execution of their M&A growth plan).

    • One of the very few Electronic Money Institutions (EMI) licensed by the Cyprus Central Bank has appointed our firm as their legal advisors. Similarly, we have very recently been included in the list of law firms to which corporate; commercial; and banking law issues are outsourced by a local commercial bank.

    • The Cyprus Medical Association has appointed our firm to advise on the implementation and restructuring of the Cyprus National Healthcare System.

    • High-net-worth individuals; SMEs; and large corporations have appointed our firm as part of their Covid-19 crisis management strategy.

    • Appointed to advise a major international investor during the negotiations for the acquisition of a Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) Portfolio.

    • Provided legal advice and support in large renewable energy projects (eg. in the acquisition and development of one of the largest photovoltaic parks in the Country at the time).

    • Appointed and advised on complex regulatory and compliance issues related to the development and operation of a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Trading Platform in Cyprus.

    • Provided 360° legal services to local and foreign companies in numerous large and highly complex cross-border mergers and acquisitions including, amongst other, the provision of legal support during negotiations; the preparation of all the legal documents required; the representation before local courts for all the required court application(s); as well as the representation before the Cyprus competition authority in order to obtain a clearance for the said transactions when required.

    • Appointed in numerous GDPR compliance projects in both Cyprus and Greece.

    • Joined as the exclusive legal advisors of a new tech company aiming to develop and implement tech solutions to digitalize both the private and the public sector.

    • Included in the list of EU law advisors of a large telecommunications company with headquarters in the United States.

    • Advised an award-winning tech company during the development and implementation of artificial intelligence and blockchain solutions/platforms in Europe.

    • Provided legal advice in a state-scale project relating to the digitalization of the said state’s ship registry.

    • Our Greek office has acted as the sole mandated tax advisors to the Greek subsidiary of a multinational investment management corporation to handle all tax related issues arising from the highly complex ownership structure.

    • Acted as the sole advisor of a Greek luxury hotel (company) issuing a convertible bond of EUR 73million.

    • Our Greek office has also very recently advised (a) a Greek hotel chain owner during the negotiations with an international leisure tourism group, successfully completing a long-term leasing agreement, and (b) a Greek subsidiary of a foreign construction company in its negotiations with banks regarding the restructuring of its loan agreements.