New revolutionary technologies are disrupting traditional business models and transform organizations as well as whole industries at an ever-increasing pace.  While providing business opportunities, the increasing fast pace of digital innovation is creating new legal challenges and commercial implications requiring new legal policies and innovative structures in many areas and industries.

Our firm offers holistic legal support in this area, including providing legal advice on the implementation of services and solutions based on new cutting-edge and disruptive technologies (such as DLT and Blockchain); advising on the legal issues surrounding the ownership and use of digital assets such as NFTs or other tokens; providing legal support on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning solutions as well as providing regulatory and licensing support to Crypto Asset Service Providers (CASPs). Embracing digital innovation, our firm is also represented in policy development committees for the digital transformation of Cyprus and participates in all public consultations for the development of new tech related local legal frameworks.

As a result of our exclusively developed Next Generation Technology Hub, our team members are supported by a group of experts who deeply understand the challenges and the real technicalities behind newly developed technologies in order to ensure that any legal advice given in this area is not theoretical and vague but pragmatic and accurate. Through these partnerships, we strive to explain the intricate new tech regulations in plain and simple language to help our clients adapt to them wisely. Our aim in this area is to remove legal obstacles and guarantee compliance with local and international regulatory regimes so that our clients can fully focus on the implementation of their projects and ideas.