Our law firm is a niche advisory law firm with a laser focused specialisation. Our core practice focuses on providing smart legal solutions and focused legal advice in all major business sectors. At the same time, we offer both directly and indirectly other ancillary support and services that are strategically linked with our core expertise.

Transaction Management and Coordination Services: Our team has an extensive experience in high-profile local and cross-border transactions whereby different teams from different companies which are often located in different jurisdictions need to team up and work in parallel towards the same goal. Our firm is well positioned to provide management and coordination services in high-profile transactions whether the jurisdiction of Cyprus is at the core of the deal in question or part in a multi-jurisdictional project.

Board of Directors Appointments: In today’s highly regulated business landscape, having a multidisciplinary board of directors’ composition is crucial. This is particularly true for companies that operate in niche industries and in multiple jurisdictions. Our firm has established a special advisory board list consisting of high-profile individuals with different backgrounds and experiences, ranging from former CEOs and CFOs of large organisations to ex-ministers and business leaders. When requested, our firm recommends key qualified individuals to be appointed as local board members (either in executive or non-executive positions) in our clients’ regulated or non-regulated companies. In exceptional cases, members of our legal team are also appointed as non-executive board members to our clients’ entities bringing legal expertise directly into the board room.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution: Our main priority when providing legal advice is to help our clients avoid disputes as well as burdensome court procedures. However, we do recognize that sometimes disagreements can escalate to litigation procedures very quickly in which cases a focused instant litigative support is critical. Hence, despite our focus is on providing business oriented legal advice, we have established exclusive connections with highly accredited litigators both in Cyprus and abroad who can take care any dispute our clients encounter during their business activities.