We strive to be innovative, authentic, responsible, and excellent in everything we do. Our goal is to always bring value to our clients supporting them in unlocking their true business potential.

Partnership with Clients and Value-Based Billing

Having a focused mindset and being able to offer personal attention to clients of any size is key for the development of trust and consequently for transforming a distant lawyers-clients relationship into a deep long-lasting business partnership. At G.C.Hadjikyprianou & Associates LLC we are dedicated to client care, legal excellence and industry focus. Having these three main pillars as our driving force, we offer high quality legal services through a fresh and a future oriented approach. We always treat our clients’ business as our own and continuously striving to be the partner we would want on our own team. In fact, most of our engagements with clients end up in a retainer/on-going based relationship with them.   

While working side by side with our clients’ management teams, we are committed to develop innovative and flexible billing arrangements that meet their strategic goals and business challenges. We thus offer a market-leading approach to pricing, delivering cost conscious, transparent solutions and using innovative tools to ensure our pricing arrangements are and remain accurate, competitive and tailored.

Authentic Legal Advice with Personal Touch

“Legal Support, as it should be!”. This is explicitly written in the first page of our mission memorandum. No copy and paste legal advice, no vague and theoretical legal support. Our number one priority is to always provide relentless commitment, hands-on approach and personal attention to each and every case. For us, our clients do not merely have legal issues that need to be resolved efficiently and effectively, they have commercial challenges that they need to overcome as well as commercial opportunities that they need to take advantage of. We bring a creative, quality and business-aware approach to all of our work, however complex, and we thrive on achieving the best results for our clients. Hence, no matter whether we are dealing with a high-profile project or an assignment that will never hit the headlines, the same level of commitment and motivation is applied.

Industry Focused Tight-Knit Teams

Our firm is structured differently when compared to traditionally structured firms. Our unique business model allows us to develop specialised tight-knit teams for each and every case while having special regards to the needs of each client and the industry in which it operates.

Through our experience, we recognise that in order to be able to work side by side with a client, lawyers must first have a deep understanding of the specific characteristics of the client’s industry and be able to offer holistic and pragmatic support to them. Our firm is very proud to have established a unique Senior Advisory Board with a collection of C-Level Professionals who have a demonstrated personal track record in a variety of industries, the Energy; the Tech; the Education as well as the Banking industry, to name a few. When necessary, we ensure that our legal team is backed-up by members of our Senior Advisory Board so as for any legal support provided not to be theoretical and vague but industry focused; pragmatic and accurate. Our local expertise is complemented by our distinctive international network with elite tier 1 law firms, our very own “Best Friends Network”. This combination gives us the ability to quickly mobilise a single team of experts with the best skillset for every facet of every engagement. Our hybrid team guarantees comprehensive and expert services across all major business sectors and ensures qualified and responsible assistance to our clients. 

Innovation in the Provision of our Services

At G.C. Hadjikyprianou & Associates LLC we use technology and modern working practices to drive productivity and deliver results. We are structured differently; we operate differently, and we think differently. Through constant innovation and cutting-edge technology, we envisage to simplify our relationship with clients from fee quotation to the delivery of the service. We always try to minimise bureaucratic procedures and focus on delivering a high-quality legal assistance.

As a firm that embraces innovation, we have developed a space where we work collaboratively with clients to explore digital strategies and technologies as well as to develop real tech solutions – our very own GCH Tech Lab. Each solution is dedicated to serve different clients’ business needs, from automated on-boarding/KYC solutions to blockchain based authentication of commercial agreements. Our GCH Tech Lab Team has also teamed-up with tech giants; Universities as well as research institutes to ensure that our firm will always remain at the forefront of innovation.