There is no doubt that the ever-changing regulatory framework and the ever-increasing supervision from relevant authorities in a sector that is undergoing dramatic digital transformation require detailed and on-going monitoring of regulatory requirements.

Through our structured network of partner firms, we offer holistic services to our clients in the financial services sector covering all legal, financial and regulatory issues. We are in a continuous contact with supervisory authorities and regularly provide advice on different aspects of this industry including, inter alia, to:

    • The regulatory issues affecting the viability of our clients’ institution(s);
    • The permissibility of investments and licensing of financial services and activities;
    • The anti-money laundering compliance;
    • The restructuring of boards and senior executive responsibilities;
    • The setting-up; authorization and operation of regulated entities and branches, such EMIs; PIs; CIFs; UCITS and AIFs;
    • The EU passporting, acquisition of significant stakes and the “fit & proper” rules;
    • Mergers, acquisitions and spin-offs of non-core activities as well as prudential consolidation and reorganization of regulated entities;
    • The rules of conduct and best practices in financial services, commercialization of products and client relations;
    • Market abuse rules, compensation, settlement and custody of securities;
    • The use of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) in the financial services sector;
    • The provision of financial services and ancillary activities related to digital assets – Crypto Asset Services Providers (CASPs).