Whether you are starting; investing; growing; downsizing; buying or selling a company or considering entering or exiting particular markets, how the transaction is structured has enormous implications in both the short and the long term. As a result of the today’s highly complex business environment as well as the pressures of globalization, companies around the world will continue to pursue these transactions to remain profitable and innovative regardless of market trends and economic fluctuations.

Our core expertise stretches across the full spectrum of private and public corporate transactions and reorganizations including, domestic and cross-border mergers and acquisitions; demergers; re-domiciliations; spin-offs; takeovers; group reorganizations; equity fundraising (public and private); joint ventures and strategic alliances.

Our firm advises clients through all stages of such transactions, from pre-transactional steps such as agreeing the deal in outline; legally preparing the business for sale and performing due diligences, to negotiating the purchase agreement, coordinating the closing and integrating the operations of the resulting business. We also advise our clients on related linked transactions such as equity fundraisings, co-investment arrangements as well as bank financings and securitization. Our partnerships with experienced finance and tax professionals allow us to offer comprehensive and holistic advice in such deals. From deal inception to business integration, we help clients bridge the gap between aspiration and achievement while providing practical, commercially focused advice to help them achieve their ambitions and strategic objectives in a cost-effective way.