Our firm advises on the whole range of domestic and cross-border financing transactions including acquisition and leveraged finance; real estate and asset finance which are often linked with different structures such as OpCo/PropCo structures; investment grade lending; securitizations; as well as on standalone bond issuances and other restructurings. By using the blend of expertise and resources of our UK partners, our firm further provides advice on complex NPL(s) related transactions including advice on standstill arrangements; options analysis; insolvency issues and debtors/creditors negotiations. Together with our affiliated tax and financial advisory firms, we also provide banking regulatory and licensing advice as well as banking litigation support through our strong network of specialised litigators.

When it comes to international financing, our firm activates our distinctive international network with elite international law firms – our very own “Global Friends Network”. As a result, when needed, our firm brings together the resources and expertise of an international tier 1 team easily and without cumbersome procedures. This means that while our clients have a single named contact, they can be assured of consistently high-quality one-stop advice and efficient, smooth processes even for projects that cross national borders. We also have strong links with virtually all players active in the local market through which we are able to provide the holistic; hands-on; and tailored support our clients need.

Our clients in this area include large corporations; commercial banks; EMIs; non-bank lenders; institutional and private investors; investment and structured funds, as well as other stakeholders in cross-border transactions.