Most of our clients work globally. As a specialised business law firm, we recognise that most of the times, being able to touch beyond local borders is key for a well-informed advice. For that reason, we have invested time in building carefully cultivated relationships with elite tier 1 law firms around the world. By doing so, our firm is now a proud member of a strategic non-exclusive “Best Friends Network” with trusted overseas top-tier law firms having a similar focus, quality standards and culture to our own.  

The joint work of our network creates an unparalleled track record in cross-border transactions and ensures first-class multi-jurisdictional support when this is needed.  This network provides our clients with the key benefit of flexibility, ensuring that we can recommend firms and key individuals with the necessary expertise in different jurisdictions, while maintaining price competitiveness in every case. When needed, our firm is coordinating multi-jurisdictional projects and acts as the single point of reference for our clients and associates under back-to-back sub-engagements. Our international capabilities however are only bound by the ambitions of our clients. We thus never franchise or cross-sell our associates’ work, nor we submit to any kind of exclusivity. On the contrary, our model ensures that we always remain independent and flexible to work with our clients’ existing preferred advisors and associates in cross-border projects.

All our resources, both locally and abroad, are at our clients’ disposal in multi-jurisdictional projects and transactions.