Embracing technological innovation is key for every business in order to adapt to modern markets and reach its ultimate growth potential. Our goal is to remain at the forefront of technological developments so as to maximize internal productivity, work closer to our clients as well as participate in the development of real tech solution. An important component of the vision of the firm is to always be a point of reference for our clients in fast-growing sectors such as the newly developed areas of Blockchain; AI and IoT.

We are extremely proud to have made substantial steps toward this goal during 2021. In particular, a major step in achieving this ambition has been the establishment of our GCH Tech Lab, a space where we work collaboratively with clients to explore digital strategies and technologies as well as to develop tech solutions. An integral part of our tech lab is our exclusive Next Generation Tech Hub which has been developed through strategic and exclusive partnerships with local and international academic institutions as well as international tech giants like Pundi X which excel, amongst others, in the fields of Blockchain; AI and IoT.

In practice, this means that our lawyers are supported by a group of experts who deeply understand the challenges and the real technicalities behind newly developed technologies in order to ensure that any legal advice given in this area is not theoretical and vague but pragmatic and accurate. Through these partnerships, we strive to explain the intricate new tech regulations in plain and simple language to help our clients adapt to them wisely. Our aim in this area is to remove legal obstacles and guarantee compliance with local and international regulatory regimes so that our clients can fully focus on the implementation of their projects and ideas. 

In addition, by combining our passion to the law and the deep tech knowledge of our global tech strategic partners, we are proudly co-developing tech solutions that envision to disturb the traditional way of doing things; create opportunities and tackle current challenges. More specifically, our team participates in the development of revolutionary tech solutions in the areas of EduTech; MedTech; AgriTech and LegalTech, supported by the latest available technologies. We are also thrilled to be working as exclusive operational partners with Panobly in one of their most ambitious pan-European projects that is expected to revamp the digital sports and gaming industry while eliminating AML and fraud concerns.

Featured Projects

    • Due Diligence Automation Tool: An all-in-one platform to facilitate legal and commercial due diligences and legal screenings through the use of AI algorithms.

    • Whistleblowing platform: An easy-to-use encrypted platform enabling organisations to comply with the Whistleblowing directive and relevant local legislation. The platform envisages to digitalise the whole process, from putting in place the necessary internal procedures to the investigation of a report, while preserving the identity of the whistle-blower.

This spirit of innovation and pioneering inspires the full range of modern services offered by our firm and it is what makes us more than just a law firm.