Banking & Finance

Our firm has been proudly appointed as the exclusive legal advisors of one of the very few Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs) registered/licensed in Cyprus and supervised by the Country’s Central Bank. Our firm will provide general legal services to the said EMI which deals with almost a billion-euro worth of transactions per year and in particular will offer legal services, inter alia, on the following areas:

    • Banking & Finance;
    • Corporate Law;
    • Commercial Law;
    • Competition Law;
    • Employment Law;
    • Data Protection Law; and
    • Digital & Technology Law.

Our ability to provide unique 360° counseling services to our clients through our network of affiliated firms creates an unprecedented competitive advantage and distinguishes us from traditionally structured firms. In a nutshell, our established and exclusive professional affiliations enable us to offer 360° legal services under Cyprus; Greek and EU law while maintaining the benefits of a boutique specialized law firm, being amongst others, efficiency; flexibility; and personal attention. Without a doubt, especially during the challenging times of Covid-19, the addition of the said EMI to our fast-growing clientele is another testament that institutions of any size find our more considered and personal approach a refreshing and preferable alternative when it comes to the provision of legal services.