Corporate Social Responsibility

At G.C.Hadjikyprianou & Associates LLC the commitment to behaving responsibly is one of our top priorities as well as an expression of our purpose and values. It extends to everything we do, and with everyone with whom we interact. We are transparent, fair and ethical in all our dealings with our clients; we aim to create a healthy and inclusive working environment; and we have a long-term commitment to inspiring young lives in our local communities. We are committed to pursue our goal of sustainability with the same dedication to excellence that we apply in everything we do. We go beyond reducing our paper consumption and constantly strive to give back to the communities in which we operate.

Without a doubt, the Covid19 pandemic has created countless challenges but also presented opportunities to collaborate for the greater good. Below are some examples of our CSR work.

Charitable Giving and Pro Bono Legal Work

We are keen to volunteer our time and skills on a pro-bono basis as well as giving financial support to charitable NPOs within the communities in which we operate. In doing so, we have developed non-exclusive partnerships with charities and organisations dealing with, inter alia, the prosperity of children; education; animal rights and sustainability of the environment. Integral part of the said partnerships is our commitment to donate 15% of our total legal fees from specific pre-defined projects to those organisations. In addition, our firm offers pro bono services to those charitable NPOs in order to ensure that their operations remain within the boundaries of the law.

In 2021, instead of corporate presents, our firm has supported a charity event organised on behalf of “Hope For Children”– CRC Policy Center which is an International Humanitarian and Independent Institution fighting for the prosperity of children.

On our free time, our team members are training together with a group of clients and friends to participate in the Authentic Athens Marathon 2022 which shall take place mid-November this year. To raise money while running, our firm has partnered with a Tech unicorn company and as a result EUR 200 will be donated to a Cyprus charitable organization for every mile our representatives will run cumulatively.

“Not only does this benefit our community partners, it also helps to bring new perspectives and insight to the firm”

Protection of the Environment

Every business, whether large or small, has an impact on the environment through the use of energy and paper as well as the disposal of their waste. 

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Memorandum provides that we will, at all times:

  • Monitor and reduce our energy consumption and promote efficient energy use within our business premises;
  • Monitor and reduce our travel where possible, encouraging more sustainable alternatives;
  • Reduce our overall waste;
  • Use, store and dispose of hazardous waste in line with best environmental practices;
  • Share the policy with all associates and promote environmental awareness and responsibility;
  • Report on our environmental performance regularly and comply with all applicable regulations and legislative requirements.

Besides, via our established business partnerships with Blockchain and AI Tech Companies, our firm is currently developing tech business solutions related to environmental sustainability.

Support Entrepreneurship

Our firm thrives to promote entrepreneurship and serve eligible local start-ups as trusted advisors, committed to their long-term growth and success. We have thus proudly set up a unique legal support program that enables a selected group of promising and innovative start-ups to receive premium and in-depth legal support at a reduced and/or flexible fee for a fixed period of time. To go one step further, our firm is also partnering with local and EU based University Incubators which can further support eligible local start-ups to pursue and achieve their business goals.   

To find out more on all the above feel free to contact us at:  

“Our primary aim is to enable entrepreneurs to focus on their business strategies and the gap in the marketplace that their businesses aim to fill rather than the legal hurdles that they need to overcome.”