We are delighted and proud to announce that our firm has established an exclusive joint venture – partnership with Panobly Technologies – an international tech company geared to maximize commercial opportunities by developing tailor-made tech/digital solutions powered by the latest technologies such as Blockchain; Artificial Intelligence; and Cloud. This exclusive partnership will make G.C.Hadjikyprianou & Associates LLC the legal department of Panobly Technologies in Europe and the members of our firm will work next to Panobly’s tech team enhancing their knowledge on emerging technologies as a result.

The products available through Panobly Technologies are ranging from AgriTech; RegTech; FinTech and DeFi platforms to tailor-made blockchain solutions for the authentication of commercial documents and for the tokenisation of assets. At the same time, our firm will also join forces with Panobly Technologies and will support them in their on-going tech projects, being amongst others, the development of NFTs trading platform that aims to disrupt the traditional way of acquiring and trading valuable assets such as collectibles and art pieces as well as the development of an AI powered platform that will revamp the shopping experience by identifying clothes, shoes and accessories used by celebrities. 

Our firm works at the convergence of business and technology to help our clients understand, deploy and integrate emerging, transformative and disruptive technologies to their best business advantage. We are widely recognised as pioneers in developing and implementing real tech solutions that provide our clients with the necessary tools in order for them to re-engineer their businesses and stay ahead in the competition by achieving a holistic digital transformation.