Data Protection

A multimillion worth shipping company, Seaven Tanker and Dry Management Inc., as well as a major shipping agency company, Mylaki Shipping Agency Ltd., operating under the same professional umbrella have appointed G.C.Hadjikyprianou & Associates LLC as their exclusive data protection & digital law advisors. The said companies have a prominent market role, amongst others, in the oil and cement shipping industries with a very strong presence in both Cyprus and Greece. Our firm will provide advice, inter alia, on all aspects of the data protection legislation(s) (including GDPR compliance services in both Cyprus and Greece) as well as on complex related legal issues pertaining the digital transformation of the shipping industry.

Without a doubt, being trusted by companies such as Seaven and Mylaki for the provision of advice on complex legal issues, especially during the challenging times of Covid-19, is a testament of our high-quality legal services and professionalism.

Our data protection legal services

The data protection and privacy regulatory landscape can appear overwhelming to a business of any size. Related compliance failures can give rise to significant reputational damage; substantial regulatory fines; claims for damages as well as loss of corporate value. Thus, data protection and privacy compliance constitutes one of the key risk avoidance strategies for companies today. Our firm helps our clients to navigate this increasingly complex and highly regulated landscape by providing clear and practical legal advice on data protection and privacy law issues.

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Our digital & technology legal services

New revolutionary technologies are disrupting traditional business models and transforming organizations at an ever-increasing pace. At the same time, the increasing fast pace of digital innovation is creating new legal challenges and commercial implications requiring new legal policies and innovative structures in many areas and industries.  Our firm advises tech companies, entrepreneurs, investors, as well as technology vendors who navigate this changing industry, on the legal, regulatory and commercial issues raised by the impact of technology on their businesses’ operations. Within this context, we provide legal advice on all aspects of our clients’ related growth and development.

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