Commercial Law

A multimillion worth gaming company as well as a cloud gaming and streaming solutions company operating under the same professional umbrella have appointed G.C.Hadjikyprianou & Associates LLC as their Cyprus based legal advisors. The said group has a prominent market role in the video-games industry and is behind the development of some of the most famous Xbox One and PS5 arcade and simulation games. Our firm’s engagement will be threefold and more specifically we will (i) handle the Cyprus part of a cross-border merger involving a Cyprus based entity of the group; (ii) provide advice on EU data protection and IP related to the online version of their latest under development game; and (iii) review industry specific commercial agreements from a Cyprus law perspective.

Without a doubt, especially during the challenging times of Covid-19, being trusted by high-profile companies for the provision of advice on complex and niche industry specific legal issues is a testament of our high-quality legal services and professionalism.

Our M&A legal services

Whether you are starting; investing; growing; downsizing; buying or selling a company or considering entering or exiting particular markets, how the transaction is structured has enormous implications in both the short and the long term. Due to the challenges of today’s highly regulated and complex business environment as well as the pressures of globalization, companies around the world will continue to pursue these transactions to remain profitable and innovative regardless of market trends and economic fluctuations.

Our core expertise stretches across the full spectrum of private and public corporate transactions and reorganizations including, domestic and multinational cross-border mergers and acquisitions; demergers; re-domiciliations (transfers of corporate seats); spin-offs; takeovers; group reorganizations; equity fundraising (public and private); joint ventures; strategic alliances as well as launching and investing in new businesses. Our ability to provide both legal and financial advisory services (through our affiliated companies) creates an unprecedented competitive advantage and allows us to offer our clients a holistic advice and support is such transactions.

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Our data protection and IP legal services

The data protection and privacy regulatory landscape can appear overwhelming to a business of any size. Related compliance failures can give rise to significant reputational damage; substantial regulatory fines; claims for damages as well as loss of corporate value. Thus, data protection and privacy compliance constitutes one of the key risk avoidance strategies for companies today. Our firm helps our clients to navigate this increasingly complex and highly regulated landscape by providing clear and practical legal advice on data protection and privacy law issues.

Intellectual property is extremely valuable for many companies and often a tool to maintain a competitive advantage over their competitors. Solid and innovative ways of developing, exploiting and protecting these precious assets are, therefore, required to stay ahead of the game. Our firm advises on all intellectual property areas, including copyrights, trademarks, design rights, trade name rights, brands, patents and trade secrets.

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Our Commercial law legal services

Regardless of where a business sits on the maturity curve, well-structured and well-documented commercial arrangements are fundamental to its success. Our firm provides practical commercial law advice on all aspects of clients’ strategic activities and business/commercial contracts across a broad range of sectors. Undoubtedly, our ability to combine legal and financial advisory services creates an unprecedented competitive advantage and allows us to provide our clients holistic 360ᵒ counselling services.

We offer our clients tailored solutions, which may include: supporting their in-house team behind the scenes (sometimes through physical or virtual secondments); drafting, reviewing and negotiating commercial contracts as well as full deal structure planning.

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